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More than 20 years of Industrial Experience. Over 15 years of delivering extended reality (XR) and strategic Digital solutions.


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Brian Waterfield is a globally recognised pioneer in extended reality (XR)and Digital innovation. Over 20 years of experience within an industrial setting. Working within Product design, engineering, manufacturing, marketing and After-sales. His work has been instrumental in changing the Digital approach to Product Development. His Knowledge cuts across all major verticals. For example; Healthcare, Aerospace, Research, Education, Fashion, Construction, Marketing, Sports, Manufacturing, Arts, Entertainment. He has maximised the XR tool kit to match the changing landscape. Crafting simple, but Realistic Transformation.



Focusing on value, innovation and creativity. Helping with the transformation from an industrial setting to a digital-enabled progressive Environment. We foster inspiration, by joining and unlocking your teams digital potential. Creative workshops that give real value, clear lines of sight to ignite innovation. Creating an open and sharing culture, through advanced technology engagement.  One that includes and listens. We can give you confidence, on your digital journey.



Seeing the bigger picture is a rare attribute! Digital is no-longer about the next few steps. It's about the long term transformation journey. Rapid change, achieved by understanding your current state and your desired future state. Our support works of a solid understanding of digital transformation. Pillars of progression that you can use to simplify your strategy and open the next chapter.

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People, Technology, Direction, the three pieces of the transformation jigsaw.
> People: Your greatest asset. Engagement and understanding can unlock their potential.
> Technology: Targeted, scalable, useful. Breaking down the layer of your technology change can be effective and affordable.
> Direction: Never lose sight of the end goal. Wonder a little off track but always come back to that desired future state.


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Digital is no longer an option! Creating a solid foundation is key to a successful digital journey. Nostalgia is not part of a digital transformation. Leave the old ways behind, and make sure you have a ticket for the next, and most important journey ahead.

XR holds the key

Extended Reality (XR) combined Virtual, Augmented and mixed reality under one umbrella. These powerful tools give you insight into your customer's journey. Yourself and your teams can access your customer's viewpoint. Early understanding  gets you closer to their aspiration. XR brings your product or services to life and helps you manage costs, value and quality. Giving your customers what they want.

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