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Achievable Transformation


As your trusted guide, I bridge the gap between cutting-edge immersive technologies and ground-breaking digital strategies. With a proven track record in automotive product development, construction and education and a sixth sense for unlocking potential, I craft solutions that transform businesses of all sizes

Human centric

Technology is powerful, but without the human touch, it's just cold metal and code. That's where BWC can help, a champion of human-centric design in the digital transformation path. I believe technology should empower, not alienate. With each project, delving deep to understand your users' needs, emotions, and motivations.

Digital by design

Every design decision is rooted in understanding your goals and meticulously planned to achieve them, pixel by perfect pixel. Empathy Architects: I don't just design for screens, we design for people. User experience drives every choice, ensuring your audience feels understood and engaged.


BWC excels with three decades of extensive experience, providing unparalleled expertise in product development across diverse levels. Our journey involves collaborating with chief designers, engineers, manufacturing directors, and multidisciplinary teams, consistently achieving excellence. Through partnerships with educational leaders, professors, and deans, we comprehend the intricacies of digital transformation from grassroots to government levels. As the driving force behind the creation of Immersive UK and the UK Immersive Futures Alliance, as well as contributing to the immersive landscape in the far southwest, BWC offers invaluable guidance. Our capabilities extend to mentoring startups, SMEs, and large enterprises, facilitating their transformation journey, and integrating digital tools for product lifecycle management, advanced visualisation, and talent development. In navigating the evolving digital marketplace, we transform ideas into tangible outcomes, all while providing a distinctive personal touch.



Crafting Your Digital Path: Align with a consultant devoted to your success. Beyond advice, we collaborate, troubleshoot, and accompany you on your journey. Expertise in Data, PLM, IoT, AI, AR, MR, VR, Immersive Futures, funding, cultural change.

Digital Training & Public Speaking

Elevate your teams with expertise and skills to flourish. Dynamic training and compelling public speaking events kindle a passion for digital excellence, unlocking your workforce's potential. Engaging talks that captivate and educate, bridging the gap between theory and practice.


Go beyond advice; discover a genuine innovation partner. Expertise, creativity, and unwavering commitment amplify your ideas to their fullest potential. I stand by you in a complex, unforgiving marketplace, demystifying jargon, damping down hype, and exposing the smoke and mirrors campaigners.


Elevate concepts to cutting-edge solutions through  research and development prowess.  Innovation Hubs are where ideas materialise. Your vision meets R&D expertise, supporting funding bids, exploring academic options, and crafting a strategic plan for potential success.


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