The Performances of the future

In collaboration with Intel and in association with The Imaginarium studio (Imaginariumuk)

Last Friday I experienced a taste of the future for creative theatre. The new production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, literally blew me away. This new endeavoured saw the use of advanced technology, outstanding set design. Without question some of the finest actor’s in the land performing this great play.

I was an honour to receive a personal invite to the show from the Head of Digital development Sarah Ellis.  Sarah kindly Send me a formal invitation to The Tempest. She wanted me to see the technology that her team had woven seamlessly into the play, and it did not disappoint.

The Tempest took on a mythical quality with the use of motion capture. Capturing Ariel as he performed on stage, blending his character and the projected larger than life avatar perfectly. Giving real depth to the evenings spectacular. The clever use of optically tracked projection mapping. The inertia based body suit transformed the stage into a Feast of Lights, colour and fairy-tale artistry

From start to finish the show kept me spellbound. The technology not distracting from the great bard’s work. Seamlessly creating a quality that I could see the great man himself standing up and applauding. If this in the future of live theatre then the future is full of delight and wonder. I would not hesitate to recommend this spectacular to all, it’s a must-see. You will not be disappointed, merely enchanted by the attention to detail. The wondrous writing and the professionalism of the seamless technology are breathtaking.